• an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together
  • (usually plural) mutual dealings or connections among persons or groups
    eg: "international relations"
  • the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman
    eg: the man''s penis is inserted into the woman''s vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur
  • (law) the principle that an act done at a later time is deemed by law to have occurred at an earlier time
    eg: "his attorney argued for the relation back of the ammended complaint to the time the initial complaint was filed"
  • an act of narration
    eg: "he was the hero according to his own relation"; "his endless recounting of the incident eventually became unbearable"
  • a person related by blood or marriage
    eg: "police are searching for relatives of the deceased"; "he has distant relations back in New Jersey"
  • Relation (noun)
    The act of relating or telling also that which is related recital account narration narrative as the relation of historical events

Example sentences

Retired detectives are skeptical that community relations alone can drive down crime in the city’s last “” the busiest precincts.
New York Times
Despite Beijing’s recent actions, which she said had “hurt the feelings” of the Taiwanese people and destabilized relations, Ms. Tsai vowed to avoid a confrontation.
New York Times
The has also questioned the One China policy, which has underpinned relations between Washington and Beijing for decades, and criticized China’s military buildup in the disputed South China Sea.
New York Times
Richard C. Bush, the director of the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said Ms. Tsai understood the need to “maintain a balance among relations with China, relations with the United States and domestic politics.
New York Times
Mr. Bruck, one of the country’s most experienced death penalty litigators, portrayed his client as a loner whose most meaningful relationship seemed to be with his cat who staged hundreds of photographs of himself with no sign of friends whose racial hatred was ignited by internet searches and not personal experience who could not pinpoint during his confession to the F. B. I. how many he had killed, how long he had spent at the church or even what month it was who had no escape plan and left suicide notes to his parents.
New York Times
The Islamic State’s claim of responsibility came after years of complex relations between the Turkish state and the jihadist group operating across its southern border.
New York Times
He was going to sign a strategic partnership agreement with President Hamid Karzai that set the terms for relations after 2014, when the United States was scheduled to withdraw its combat troops and turn over Afghanistan’s security to the Afghans.
New York Times
The two had long had a rocky relationship — on an earlier trip, Mr. Obama excoriated Mr. Karzai for the rampant corruption in the Afghan government — and this session did little to improve their rapport.
New York Times
It was an insight that Mr. Obama applied to his relations with other countries, from Pakistan to Israel, where his poor relationships with the leaders impeded progress.
New York Times
Mr. Netanyahu, generally a popular prime minister, has developed a combative relationship with the local mainstream news media.
New York Times
Mr. Netanyahu’s relationship with Arnaud Mimran, a French tycoon who was convicted of fraud last year, and who testified that he had contributed a large sum of money to Mr. Netanyahu for his 2009 election campaign, has also prompted suspicions of impropriety.
New York Times
Mr. Albertson, 23 at the time, was beyond taken with her, but Ms. Powell, then 20, was not quite ready for a serious relationship.
New York Times
They were soon dating, but their relationship began to sputter.
New York Times
While seeming to pile on the Obama administration in its waning days — by accusing it of supporting Turkey’s enemies, including the Islamic State Kurdish militants and supporters of an exiled Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, whom Mr. Erdogan blamed for directing the coup — Turkish officials are also telegraphing something else: that they are willing to open the door and improve relations with the United States once Donald J. Trump takes office.
New York Times
A consultant with the campaign — who asked to remain anonymous in order to preserve his relationships with other candidates — overheard the conversation.
New York Times
28 January, 2021