• a long wooden bench with a back
  • come as if by falling
    eg: "Night fell"; "Silence fell"
  • take up residence and become established
    eg: "The immigrants settled in the Midwest"
  • form a community
    eg: "The Swedes settled in Minnesota"
  • become settled or established and stable in one''s residence or life style
    eg: "He finally settled down"
  • make final
    eg: put the last touches on; put into final form; "let''s finalize the proposal"
  • establish or develop as a residence
    eg: "He settled the farm 200 years ago"; "This land was settled by Germans"
  • become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
    eg: "The roar settled to a thunder"; "The wind settled in the West"; "it is settling to rain"; "A cough settled in her chest"; "Her mood settled into lethargy"
  • bring to an end
    eg: settle conclusively; "The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance"
  • settle conclusively
    eg: come to terms; "We finally settled the argument"
  • end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
    eg: "The two parties finally settled"
  • come to terms
    eg: "After some discussion we finally made up"
  • accept despite complete satisfaction
    eg: "We settled for a lower price"
  • get one''s revenge for a wrong or an injury
    eg: "I finally settled with my old enemy"
  • arrange or fix in the desired order
    eg: "She settled the teacart"
  • fix firmly
    eg: "He ensconced himself in the chair"
  • sink down or precipitate
    eg: "the mud subsides when the waters become calm"
  • cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids)
  • become clear by the sinking of particles
    eg: "the liquid gradually settled"
  • come to rest
  • settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground
    eg: "dust settled on the roofs"
  • go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned"
  • dispose of
    eg: make a financial settlement
  • Settle (noun)
    A seat of any kind
  • Settle (verb, transition)
    To place in a fixed or permanent condition to make firm steady or stable to establish to fix esp to establish in life to fix in business in a home or the like
  • Settle (verb, i)
    To become fixed or permanent to become stationary to establish ones self or itself to assume a lasting form condition direction or the like in place of a temporary or changing state

Example sentences

In their request, the lawyers predicted that a deal between House Republicans and the new administration to dismiss or settle the case “will produce devastating consequences for the individuals who receive these reductions, as well as for the nation’s health insurance and health care systems generally.
New York Times
” After a romantic first dance to Solomon Burke’s “If You Need Me,” Mr. and Mrs. Leahy (she will use her maiden name professionally) settled into several hours of serious dancing to songs spun by a D. J.
New York Times
But Republican leaders have not settled on a health care plan to replace Mr. Obama’s, and they may delay the repeal measure’s effective date for years.
New York Times
He has exuded confidence lately, lashing out at journalists who have been critical of him, talking up Israel’s diplomatic and economic achievements, and calling in the United States ambassador to Israel, Daniel B. Shapiro, for a dressing down late last month after the Obama administration decided not to use its veto to shield Israel from a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
New York Times
After years of tension with the Obama administration, he also appears buoyed by the prospect of a partnership with Donald J. Trump, who seems more sympathetic to Israeli government policies on issues like settlements.
New York Times
But as they settled in a new country, he struggled to find work and grew despondent.
New York Times
They settled on becoming friends.
New York Times
But after scouting locations in other exclusive neighborhoods, including nearby Georgetown, the couple settled on a home less than two miles from the White House.
New York Times
His regulatory experience stems from advising banks on dealings with the government and helping several financial institutions with their settlements related to mortgage securities.
New York Times
The hedge fund was forced to pay a $400 million settlement.
New York Times
Mr. Trump’s designated press secretary, Sean Spicer, has indicated that Mr. Trump will keep using the terse, punchy format after he settles in the White House.
New York Times
In 2015, under a separate settlement with 31 state attorneys general, the agencies agreed to improve how they fixed mistakes and addressed disputes.
New York Times
He settled on going into the wine business, which had been struggling to convert farmers who cultivated for personal or local use into becoming larger producers.
New York Times
On Thursday, federal regulators announced a $5 million settlement with Jon S. Corzine, who ran MF Global when it collapsed into bankruptcy in 2011 and lost more than $1 billion in customer money.
New York Times
The settlement, reached unanimously at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the waning days of the Obama administration and approved by a federal judge this week, caps a spectacle that derailed Mr. Corzine’s career and spurred a number of congressional, criminal and regulatory investigations.
New York Times
28 January, 2021