• a small contrasting part of something
    eg: "a bald spot"; "a leopard''s spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red"
  • mark with small spots
    eg: "speckle the wall with tiny yellow spots"
  • produce a mottled effect
    eg: "The sunlight stippled the trees"
  • Speckle (noun)
    A little or spot in or anything of a different substance or color from that of the thing itself
  • Speckle (verb, transition)
    To mark with small spots of a different color from that of the rest of the surface to variegate with spots of a different color from the ground or surface

Example sentences

That is what scientists call the mysterious bald spots speckled across Namibia’s grasslands.
New York Times
Feeling that was enough adventure for one day, we went back to the hotel, and to a dinner of pasta carbonara speckled with rich lardons, prepared by the hotel’s proprietor and chef, Pascal Finat.
New York Times
The team also concluded that the snout and jaws were particularly sensitive based on tiny holes they found speckled throughout them.
New York Times
There was a work call with someone in a different time zone — a “finance person” for a movie he plans to direct — and the conversation left Hill so jazzed that he couldn’t fall asleep, so he took his French bulldog Carmela (named after Tony Soprano’s wife) for a walk around the neighborhood, and when he finally dozed off he left a window open, leaving him speckled with “a thousand” mosquito bites, visible in rosy constellations across his arms.
New York Times
Theresa Pleets, 81, said she had a deep personal stake in coming out to the protest camp, a field speckled with teepees, campers, tents and fire rings.
New York Times
They are remarkable animals, spending most of their lives on the ocean and visiting land only to pack tightly together on the rocky cliffs of northeastern Canada and Greenland for a few months each summer while the females lay their one speckled blue egg.
New York Times
His hair is speckled with gray.
New York Times
” The sellout crowd — thick with fans of Argentina dressed in light blue and white, speckled throughout with Chile supporters in red — represented one last mass spectacle to cap a month of entertaining games.
New York Times
His kitchen counter is speckled with the foodstuffs of a bachelor — cans of vegetable soup, a loaf of old bread, a bag of dried mango — and those who know Newman well credit his longevity in part to his having never been married.
New York Times
They’re low resolution too, the images speckled with grain.
New York Times
The gameworld is speckled with countless shrines each one is an environmental puzzle, and they come in wildly varying degrees of complexity that will challenge you to learn the ways to manipulate the game’s systems in order to succeed.
”But in my lifetime, I didn’t see any change.” ’Living and dying’ with the weather, Jeff Poe is reeling in speckled trout on his fishing boat with his son, Nick, who is helping run the family business, Big Lake Guide Services.
Scientists named an aqua and orange speckled freshwater darter found in the Tennessee River Etheostoma Obama in 2012.
What’s that speckled thing with the seeds?
05 December, 2020