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  • “Kids’ content gives the household a reason to subscribe, because kids watch every single day,” Mr. Greenfield said.
  • “There probably are some transgender people that are bad people, just like there are probably a whole bunch of gay people or straight people that are bad,” he said.
  • ” In the first episode, they talk about Colin Kaepernick, Leslie Jones and the repercussions of public patriotism and dissent.
  • “We were stalled out, ” Katrina told me.
  • ” A spokesman for Murray declared he will “vigorously fight these allegations in court.
  • We saw what happened when FOX gave her a special on the FOX Network.
  • An Army spokeswoman did not have any immediate comment about the sexual harassment allegation against Johnson, which was first reported by The New York Times.
  • That works to protect their identities, but it also evokes shame.
  • ’ ’ ’ WASHINGTON — John Fiore booked a flight at the standard rate so he could see Donald Trump, the first president he voted for who actually won the election since Ronald Reagan, sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Friday.
05 December, 2020