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  • He urged the judge to reject the agreement and for the Justice Department to further investigate the automakers’ role.
  • Increasing prices are a big deal in Japan.
  • Mr. Barnier has previously said the UK will not be able to begin discussions on a future trade deal with the bloc, or guarantee the rights of UK citizens in the EU, until the bill is settled.
  • That character has gotten him into trouble.
  • Stop Common Core in Michigan believes there is a high correlation between candidates who accept the GLEP endorsement and their future votes on legislation.
  • The GOP when I was a kid were the ones who pushed us into war, they were … but now you have Tim Kaine who has got a horrible record on social issues, so it’s very confusing.
  • Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, 24, and two friends were killed September 25 when their boat crashed off Miami Beach.
  • ”At this point, we’ll just be closing today, but we’ll take it day by day.” Victim was ’a good man’ Robert Godwin was walking on the sidewalk when he met Stephens.
  • ”We continue to investigate and have not ruled out travel or sexual transmission at this time.” Gamnineri said.
  • ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ Some retailers have released lists of which of their locations will be closing.
29 October, 2020